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Restricted motion is often the cause or result of injury. To increase motion in the joints, the muscles need to be worked on as well. Miller Family Chiropractic has the chiropractic tools — and the knowledge of chiropractic therapies — necessary to hit your injuries from multiple angles so we can achieve the best results. Below is a list of chiropractic therapies that our office provides to improve your health and address your injuries.

An adjustment is our main tool when it comes to your care. The doctor typically uses his or her hands--or an instrument--to manipulate the joints of the body, particularly the spine, in order to restore or enhance joint function it also removes nerve interference and helps with a host of symptoms.
The chiropractic adjustment is a specific motion delivered to a restricted or misaligned joint in order to restore proper function, motion and posture to the body. Chiropractic adjustment is a chiropractic therapy that can be applied by hand (manual adjustment), using an instrument called an “activator” or utilizing drops on specialized tables to achieve the desired outcome.
Chiropractic manipulation is a highly controlled procedure that rarely causes discomfort. The chiropractor adapts the procedure to meet the specific needs of each patient. Patients often note positive changes in their symptoms immediately following treatment. Most conditions take more than one treatment but it is our goal to get you better in a timely matter.
The popping noise often associated with a manual chiropractic adjustment is simply gas escaping from the joint. What is happening is similar to when you take a suction cup off of a counter top and you get a pop. The tension is released when a chiropractic adjustment is performed, creating a popping sound.
The vast majority of health problems other than infectious diseases could be stress and neurological in nature. We advise everyone to ask their doctor to be tested to see if NRCT (Neurologic Relief Centers Technique™) could help them.
When you have had physical or emotional traumas (stress), tension can build up at the base of your skull and can pull on the meninges (the membranes that surround and protect the brain and the spinal cord), which are not that flexible. Meninges are attached to all the nerve roots that exit your spin. When the meninges are pulled it could irritate those nerves.
NRC Technique (NRCT) releases the tension in the meninges thus releasing the irritation to the nerves.
When your nerves are irritated you may experience many symptoms because nerves control every function of your body.
NRCT is non-invasive and is usually painless. Your doctor will perform a test to see how you respond to help determine if you are a candidate for NRCT. Many people respond to the test with a percentage of their symptoms relieved for minutes or days.
The most common symptoms that respond to NRCT are:
• Pain (anywhere in the body, including fingers and feet)
• Fibromyalgia
• Arthritic like symptoms
• Numbness
• Headache (Migraines)
• Forgetful
• Burning
• Insomnia
• Sleeplessness
• Fatigue
• Irritability
• Digestive Problems
• Nervousness
• Anxiousness
• Moodiness
For more information on NRCT visit the official Neurologic Relief Centers website.
The Webster Technique is a specific chiropractic sacral analysis and diversified adjustment. The goal of the adjustment is to reduce the effects of sacral subluxation/ SI joint dysfunction. In doing so, neuro-biomechanical function in the pelvis is facilitated.

Chiropractic care in pregnancy is vital to the normal physiological function of both the mother and baby throughout pregnancy and birth. More women and birth providers are discovering the many benefits associated with chiropractic care in pregnancy and recognize this area of expertise through Webster Certification. The Webster Technique has become a familiar term in the pregnancy and birth conversation. Families are seeking out chiropractors who are proficient in this technique as a way to support a more comfortable, safer, and easier birth.

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Ultrasound is a therapeutic treatment that uses high frequency sound waves to heal soft tissue injuries with very rapid sound vibrations penetrating the tissues deep in the body, creating a heat response.
This vibration and heat helps break down and disperse unhealthy calcium accumulations. During ultrasound therapy, ultrasound gel is used to conduct the sound waves into the body. During the treatment, patients feel either nothing or a pleasant relaxing sensation below the skin.
How does it work?
Sound vibrations, as fast as a million times per second, penetrate tissues deep in the body, creating a heat response. These vibrations and heat help break down and disperse unhealthy calcium and other hard tissue accumulations.
What does ultrasound feel like?
The gel used to conduct the sound waves is at room temperature and may momentarily feel cool to the skin when it is initially applied. Most patients feel nothing or a pleasant relaxing sensation below the surface of the skin.
Why is ultrasound used?
Ultrasound treatment can usually be administered directly to the area of complaint, penetrating deep into the body. The rise in temperature increases blood flow, relaxes muscle spasms, massages damaged tissues and speeds the healing process.
Patient benefits
The benefits of ultrasound treatment include: • Highly effective in treating calcium deposition • Stimulates healing without irritation • Speeds metabolism and improves blood flow • Reduces nerve root irritation • Enhances the body's natural healing ability
Detoxification for a complete re-balance of the body's bio-energy fields. Ion detoxification foot bath helps improve your Health, Feel invigorated and rejuvenated by helping your body to re-balance its bio-energy fields and stimulate the body's detoxification. The body's organs will naturally function better when the electro-magnetic fields are charged. The ion energy charged footbath will help you feel young again. A water molecule is composed of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. When the molecule loses a hydrogen atom, the remaining OH molecules takes on a negative charge. As you walk along the beach, your body absorbs millions of these negatively charged ions, which alkalize the blood and tissue. Because of poor diet and high stress, we tend to accumulate and store excessive quantities of waste products such as diacetic, lactic, pyruvic, uric, carbonic, acetic, butyric, and heptic acids.
Why should I have a detox foot bath?
With the increase in the number of chemicals introduced in the last fifty years, there has been a dramatic increase in incidences of auto-immune disease, allergies and common infections. There are tens of thousands of chemicals in use today and more than a forth of these are known to be toxic and nothing is known about their interactive effects. Body fat has been tested that contains residue of hundreds of chemicals. Metals, such as mercury and cadmium are everywhere and impossible to avoid. Lead can block red blood cell formation. Chemicals can act as toxins that can block receptor sites on cells, and cause changes in calcium homeostasis selectively killing cells, and alter expression of gene products. Metals and chemical toxins weaken the immune system and cause increased vulnerability to virus, bacterial fungal and parasitic infections. In an attempt to detoxify these substances, our bowels, kidneys and liver are being overloaded. Our eliminative channels have become blocked or dysfunctional, because, in conjunction with these synthetic chemicals, and the western diet that is so acid forming and de-vitalized. To relieve the strains on the kidneys and liver it is more important than ever to maintain a detoxification regimen. The ion foot bath is designed to relieve these strains and help the body re-balance its energy fields allowing organs to function better. Some mild symptoms of toxicity include: Headaches, lethargy, obesity, constipation, bad breath, anxiety, poor skin, digestive disorders, forgetfulness, allergies, poor circulation, cellulite. Some severe cases of toxicity can include: High blood pressure, arthritis, diabetes, heart problems, kidney failure, cancer.
Have Questions? Call 785-825-4691 With an injured or inflamed joint such as sprained knees, hip, back, or frozen shoulder, the treatment objectives of diathermy are to relieve pain, prevent stiffness, and restore restricted movement. Diathermy is frequently the most effective means for accomplishing these aims because the deep heat relieves the pain, relaxes the muscle fibers, and permits easier movement.
Diathermy uses short-wave electro-magnetic energy to raise the temperature of soft tissues below the skin. This increases blood circulation and can help speed the healing process. Diathermy is an effective form of adjunctive therapy. It relaxes the muscles and connection tissue. Diathermy can help increase range of motion, reduce muscle spasms and cramping and make movement and stretching less painful.
Diathermy also has a soothing and relaxing effect on the type of muscle spasms and contractures often seen in low back pain, rheumatoid arthritis, and some spinal disc problems. This type of heat, by going deep into the structures, can often bring about complete relief that lasts for hours and sometimes for days and weeks at a time. Spastic conditions of the stomach, gallbladder and intestines also often respond well to the application of diathermy.
What does diathermy feel like?
It should feel pleasantly warm, but not hot. If treatment makes an area uncomfortably warm or you feel pressure, tell the therapist or doctor immediately. Why is diathermy used? The patient benefits of diathermy include:
• Can help speed the healing process
• Dilates blood vessels for improved circulation
• Stimulates white blood cell production
• Increases metabolism and waste removal
• Helps prevent adhesions and scar tissue
This treatment transmits low-frequency electrical currents through affected muscles, nerves and tissue to reduce pain. The currents help the body secrete endorphins and other natural painkillers that relieve pain caused by muscle strains, spasms and other injuries.
How does electrical muscle stimulation work?
Small amounts of electrical current are induced into affected soft tissues to decrease spasticity and reduce swelling. This widely used technique safely strengthens muscles and helps reduce painful symptoms.
What does it feel like?
Patients generally feel a slight tingling sensation at first. Since your body may become accustomed to the initial setting, the intensity may be raised during the course of your 10-20 minute treatment, for maximum healing effect.
Why is electrical muscle stimulation used?
Electrical muscle stimulation has been used as an effective form of pain relief. It is recommended in cases in which pain is accompanied by swelling, inflammation, and muscle spasticity. Patient benefits The benefits of electrical muscle stimulation include: • Reduces pain sensation • Helps decrease swelling • Promotes general muscle tone • Speeds the healing process
Spinal decompression is effective in the treatment of neck pain, facet syndrome and sciatica due to bulging or herniated discs. Some patients who have spinal stenosis have reported pain relief from decompression treatments. Spinal decompression gently lengthens and tractions the spine allowing the joints to open up and take pressure off pinched nerves. Research shows a 70% success rate using spinal decompression. Spinal decompression is a FDA-approved non-surgical form of treatment for disc injuries, herniations, protrusion, arthritis, degenerative disc disease, spinal stenosis, and facet syndromes. Many people have been through multiple forms of care for their ailing back or neck, only to find little if any relief. Spinal decompression is similar to intersegmental traction but is computer aided and uses much higher forces applied to the spine.
How does spinal decompression work?
The machine oscillates back and forth between a maximum pull and a minimum pull. This process starts out slowly and comes to a peak over a few minutes. The goals of spinal decompression include: • Stretch ligaments and muscles • Relax muscles • Decrease disc pressure • Increase range of motion • Relief of nerve root compression • Possible retraction • Increased blood flow • Decrease pain • Mobilize joints

Did an awesome job listening and understanding my needs. I feel 10x better after my visit

Mitch Harvey

Absolutely! Very friendly staff and environment. Definitely leave satisfied every visit!

Courtney Moyer

I had never been to a chiropractor before seeing Dr. Miller and it has been a game changer! The staff is incredibly friendly and personable. Dr. Miller is very professional while also making you feel relaxed and comfortable during your appointment. Couldn’t recommend Miller Family Chiropractic more!

Sarah Dennis

Dr. Miller is great! He took the time to fully access my needs and developed a plan to treat my severe back pain. He didn’t push me to book multiple treatments each week as other chiropractors I’ve visited in the past have. I highly recommend Miller Family Chiropractic.


Dr Miller has been a god sent. have had hip pain for at least a year. Other chiropractors have not fixed it. Decided to try Dr Millers Neurologic Relief centers Technique. It has taken awhile but I have been pain free for a month.So blessed to have found him.

Joyce Eckroat Koster

I started seeing Dr Miller a little over a year ago . I was in constant pain I honestly felt I would be in a wheelchair in a year if I didn’t get real help. My daughter was getting married and I told him I wanted to be able to be a part of everything. in a few short months I was able to go shopping and do all the wonderful things I had been missing. I am so glad I met Dr.Miller.

Brenda Russom Yugenberg

“I was very discouraged. [I was] not able to travel to see my grandchildren. [I am] looking forward to doing that now. I now also have more energy and less pain. This is the biggest commitment I have made in my life just for me! I feel like my best interest is at heart now and appreciate the caring staff.”

Gloria W.

“This treatment has given me hope. Hope for improvement and hope that I can lead a normal life. With that hope has come glorious joy! I am happy to be alive again!”


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